Doc Carey’s Black Coral Clinic

“Of course, of course! Come on in!” Carey says, and waves me in. A little startled, I follow him into his shack and into a shack full of more women’s underwear than I’ve ever seen outside of a department store. Carey explains that this is his collection, and that he’s trying to break the world record for women’s underwear. He assures me that it’s nothing rude, crude, perverted. All the underwear is donated freely.

A Homesick Car

I think our car is homesick We drive a 2009 Honda Fit RS, a model generally only available in Japan. The Fit is the most common car on the island. In the average Caymanian parking lot, you will see two or three Fits parked, Alabaster Silver, Mystic Yellow, Milano Red, gleaming in the tropical sun (our par…Read more A Homesick Car

Holding on to Traditions

Is this really Christmas in the Cayman Islands or is this a dream? Our lives have changed so much in five years. When we first got married we were small town people used to life in Idaho moving to the big city of Boston. Now we’re big city folks living in a small town in the tropics...We hold on to Christmas traditions as a lifeline to our former lives, a bridge of hope into our new lives.

Olding Days, Christmas Trees, and Thanksgiving

Day 8 -14 New Apartment With the help of a man everyone in the office calls Mr. Derrick, we moved to corporate housing this week. He is always Mr. Derrick, while his boss is known as David. As far as I know, Mr. Derrick’s responsibilities in the office are to drive the office van to…Read more Olding Days, Christmas Trees, and Thanksgiving

Accents and the First Week of Work

Day 4-7 I made a terrible discovery today about the island at work. There. Is. No. McDonalds.  We’re so far from “civilization” that the gospel of McDonalds hasn’t reached these tropical shores. I don’t even eat McDonalds that much (those fries and hash browns though…), but I never thought I’d go somewhere that DIDN’T have…Read more Accents and the First Week of Work