One thing I’ve learned lately is that there is a lot of truth about EQ, leadership, and how to be a good person found in the teachings of Confucius. From here on, I’ll be writing about the teachings of the old master and how they may apply to the modern world.  I’m going to be using a translation of the Confucian Analects by Edward Slingerland.

Confucius focused on the relationships of human life. Cultivating a “proper” relationship that is in harmony with the natural order of things will lead to happiness and prosperity. When things are not in harmony to the “natural” order of things, we experience hardships, and the world around us crumbles. In this light, much of Confucius teachings are about the way we treat one another–our families, our leaders, and our followers. When things are in harmony as to the nature of the universe, the things we want will come naturally.

Thousands of years later, we still live in a world based largely on the relationships we have with one another, and it is unlikely that the world will change so much in the future that we will not be dependent on the relationships we build with those around us. Confucius still has a place in the modern, though it may need to be adapted to our 21st century context.

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