You can’t give counsel to your fears, especially when life doesn’t feel like it’s working out for you. BRAVERHQ is about being braver, which isn’t really the same as being brave. BRAVER is about being a little bit braver than yesterday. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny little bit braver, an incremental increase that you really can’t see. It’s about what you feel. ┬áIt’s about moving forward when you feel low, and about being honest with yourself and finding a way to make the best of your situation.

I know this sounds like a cheesy motivational blog, but I want this to be a place where people can learn and commiserate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recluse that doesn’t like people, or a high-flying executive on top of your game–BRAVER is about you and how you can improve.

I may get really personal with my own life and my struggles here, but in the end it’s the human stories that we share that make us better. We’re not in this alone, and we grow from one another.